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"Chris and Sharron-I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your hospitality for the week.  I had a great time.  Your crew is first rate and everyone was enjoyable to be around.  Great meals.  The cook did a very good job.  It was worth the trip just to see your place in Calling Lake.  The hunters in camp were a pleasure to be around.  Enjoyed the golf in Athabasca also.  Your lodge and its layout make the downtime very enjoyable.  Thanks again."

Don Ledbetter - TX
"Going to brag you all up on the Hospitality and the great times we enjoyed while we were at your place."
Brad Sneed - TX
Camp Evaluation - "Loved it"
Blake Hickey - AZ
"Guide was excellent.  Cook had a great attitude and food was excellent"
Jeff Emerling - AZ
"Awesome Guide."
Robert Wolff - PA
"Excellent Bears.  Guide had a great attitude, very positive and friendly."
Mark Jenkins - CO
"Excellent Bears.  Guide was great, very helpful, worked very hard and positive."
Doug White - CO
"Everyone saw and video great bears!"
Terry Reinke - CO
"Everything was great, I really enjoy it.  I really enjoyed it."
Logan Bender - IN
"Keep doing what you are doing.  Excellent hunt and lodge."
Robert Russo - CT
"Everything was great! Had a great time!  Took my 13 year old daughter, she was able to harvest 2 large bears with a bow.  Our guide really took care of us!"
Buzz Hancock - LA
"Keep maintaining your high standards.  Great Hunt!"
Jeremy O Donnell - HI
"Everything was excellent! It was so much fun!  I was able to harvest two large bears with a bow.  The food was very good."
Mary Cecile Hancock - LA
"Best Food and lodging ever."
Rodney Blake - AR
"Love to come back  for color phase or possibly Yukon Hunt."
Louis Genello - PA
"Great Time, Great Hunt, Great People."
 Griff - NY
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