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  • Although populations can fluctuate significantly from year to year, population estimates for the following species are (2006 data):  Moose 141,000    Elk 33,000    Whitetail 270,000     Mule Deer     175,000     Black Bear 35,000

  • Alberta residents can hunt 10 species of big game animals including: antelope, black bear, buffalo, cougar, elk, goat, moose, mule deer, sheep, whitetail deer, plus coyotes and wolves.

  • Approximately 100,000 Wildlife Certificates are sold annually in Alberta.

  • Alberta is divided into about 180 Wildlife Management Units (WMU's).

  • Total area of the province is 6,661,185 square kilometers (2,571,886 sq miles)

  • Highest Point - Mount Columbia - 3747 m.

  • Lowest Point - Shore of Lake Athabasca - 152 m.

  • Present Population - 3,455,000.

  • Edmonton and Calgary have roughly 1,000,000 each.

  • Anthony Hendy - an employee of the Hudson's Bay Company - is believed to be the 1st European to set foot in Alberta in the year 1754.

  • Canada has the 2nd largest crude oil reserves.  Most reserves are in Alberta's Oil Sands - over 174 billion barrels.

  • Alberta has more land in crop and livestock than the state of Nebraska - about 52 million acres.

  • Alberta Cattle and Calf inventories are about 6 million head.

  • Forest covers about 60 % of Alberta's total land base.  75 million seedlings are planted annually.

  • Provincial Flower is the Wild Rose.